why not buy

How many times in your life have you been told not to do something, only to go ahead and do it, proving yourself right? Well, this isn't one of those times. Please, don't buy this token!

Yes, we know that you previously bought tokens despite everyone was warning you how they were a scam. And maybe you got x1000, x10000, 100000... Well, again, this is not the case. Please don't buy this token!

A friend told you to buy this token for its "good project"? Great. Your friend doesn't know sh*t. He only wants to make a gain at yout face, he is not a real friend! Please don't buy this token!

Where did you find this token? Reddit? Twitter? Telegram? In a group where they talk about shitcoin and speculation?Are you aware that in those groups nobody has an even basic knowledge, rather they randomly spam links all day long? Please don't buy this token!

Did you see a screenshot of Elon Musk supposedly liking a post about this token? That's yet another reason not to buy it. Please, don't buy this token!

Really, there are a million reasons to not buy this token.


please don't buy this token!